Benefits of Having an Excellent Lawyer for Your DUI Charges


Defending someone in court is one of those things that come with great responsibility. This is especially true if you are defending someone who has been caught driving while drunk with proof. Therefore, as the defendant, you need to have a great lawyer capable of getting you out of any pickle you might have put yourself in. If you tend to be one who indulges in alcohol freely at parties and get-togethers then insists on driving home, you should probably have your lawyer on speed dial. If you are in Houston, here are some benefits of having an excellent Houston DUI Defense attorney:

Excellent Lawyer for Your DUI Charges

  1. Up to date

A DUI attorney needs to be upto date on the procedures that are involved when undertaking a court case. They must also have extensive knowledge on the sentences one can get for drunk driving and what it entails. Furthermore, they know the laws surrounding drinking and driving and amendments in the laws as time progresses. Since this is their area of expertise, they definitely know everything concerning the field.

  1. Lower costs

Since they are upto speed with all the information regarding the charges you might be facing, they are also privy to the amount charged for the charges. Therefore, you stand a lower chance of being over fined for drunk driving. This will help you to save money which you can instead use for legal fees. Some lawyers have affordable rates because it is their area of expertise and hence their fulltime job.

  1. Apt defense

Seeing as DUI attorneys have knowledge on the law, they are a likely to put up a convincing defense. Depending on how good your lawyer is, they may get the judge to agree to settle without jail time. Also, if they are experienced and have been in the field for quite a while, they know most of the judges if not all. This helps them to know the personality of the different judges, what makes them more angry and what causes them to show leniency.

  1. Lesser sentence

An amazing DUI attorney may get your sentence reduced in terms of fines and jail time. Furthermore, if they are really good at their job, they might even end up getting your sentence scrubbed to a fine and zero jail time. Therefore, having a good DUI attorney is an investment and not a waste of resources. The better they are, the more beneficial they will be to you.

  1. Keeping your license

Some DUI attorneys hold your hand through the entire process to the extent of representing you before the government department that handles licenses. Depending on his defense, you may get to keep your license with temporary probation periods. This is an upgrade as most offenders changed with DUI get their licenses suspended until they finish serving their sentence. In the event you do get lucky, make sure not to become a repeat offender. In as much as a god DUI attorney goes a long way, you should strive to be a more responsible driver.