Applying 4D Interactive Models: Here Is What You Need To Know


4D interactive models are also known as 4DIMs. They are the highest-quality models in the market and are capable of representing hundreds or thousands of frames. Each frame can represent different views or content providing the creator with artistic or scientific freedom. The publishing process is also made easy and fast.  These models are faster than 3D web-based models or PDFs. 4DIMs accommodate time domain data and models that are larger and much better than other alternatives.

Applying 4D Interactive Models: Here Is What You Need To Know

Why 4D interactive models?

  • They are faster than any alternatives in the market.
  • They save you time.
  • They are very clear.
  • They provide you with different ways to input your creativity.
  • The publishing takes very little time.
  • They have great quality.

4D building information modeling

Building information modeling, which is also known as BIM, is a process that involves the management and generation of digital representations of functional and physical characteristics of a certain area. The current BIM software is used by government offices and businesses to construct, manage, operate, observe or maintain infrastructure. 4D models enable designers, architects or contractors of a project to visualize a certain event. They can also be used to:

  1. Display a project – When a project is displayed, you will be able to see its weaknesses and know which steps to take so as to rectify the weaknesses and mistakes.
  2. Show how far a project has progressed and how far it will go – This will help in budgeting time and resources.
  3. Show activities that have happened as a project was ongoing
  4. Improve project management – If you realize that the project is not being managed properly, you can hire more people to help.
  5. Delivery of construction project
  6. Show the complexity or size of a project

Animating using 4D interactive model player

Four dimensional interactive model animations are better and have changed the approach to 3D model players. 4DIM refers to four dimensions and this is because the models have a 3D scene changing in time. 4DIMs have a 3D model at each frame of the animation. As seen on, 4DIM players are offered as a module in all versions of the software.

Opening a 4D file

To interact with the 4DIM player, a 4D file has to be opened. The file chooses a simple file which has 35 frames. The file is about 30kbytes.

Most of the time when 4D integrations is mentioned, you will find most people asking What is 4D software?

4th dimension or 4D is a relational database management system. 4D has expanded integration, plugins and SQL back end. 4D can also be used as a web server to run some complicated servers. It can run in two modes, single user and remote mode. Single user allows only one person to run it while remote mode is used to connect to the 4D server.