Amazing Stress Management in the Workplace Programs

Most if not all professions have occupational hazards but it seems stress is one of the most common side effects to all fields of work. According to the WHO, A healthy job is likely to be one where the pressures on employees are appropriate in relation to their abilities and resources, to the amount of control they have over their work, and to the support they receive from people who matter to them (WHO, 2007). To most this seems to be a movie type of job as it sounds nearly impossible to achieve that balance, however, there are a number of strategies employers can implement as stress management programs in the workplace to improve the well being of their greatest asset, the employee.


Stress Management Training

In highly strenuous occupations, In particular those that employ use of excessive manual labour, an organisation may need to hire stress management professionals which are usually a little costly but the end results worth the money. Stress managers will equip the employees with adequate information on how to deal with stressful work situations and how to avoid getting into a stressful position in the first place.

Occasional Off Job Activity

Research shows that employers who promote off-job extra-curricular activities to follow stress management programs in the workplace that get all employees to work as a team (weekend baseball, soccer or basketball), usually have a less stressed workforce and will reflect a sense of teamwork at the same time too. A well motivated workforce increases a company’s competitive advantage.


Relaxation Centres

Though it might sound ridiculous, but Morden day organisations should try and consider having a dedicated place where employees are allowed to get into just to clear their heads. Some can even hire a therapist/relaxation master/yoga instructor to man the centre and help the employees who will be in need of the services.

Prayers for Stress Management

Depending on the nation one lives in, it is a good idea for the employer to create a religious atmosphere at the workplace and can be a best part of stress management programs in the workplace. Even having a “prayer centre” of some sort can count for the upliftment of the employee (considering their religious beliefs of the employee of course.)


It is also important to note that the employee as an individual needs to make use of their company’s current stress management programs in the workplace. If by any chance you as an employee find yourself in a stressful predicament, here are some helpful tips.
  • Breath: Taking time to oneself and breathing calmly is one technique that releases stress naturally. Breathing slowly help slow heart rate and thereby easing up muscles which in turn reduce tension.
  • Talk to Someone: an old proverb says “a problem shared is a problem solved”, and this is true to a larger extent as most people end up getting favorable positive response to their problem by sharing it with other people
  • Exercise Regularly: probably the reason why most ‘live a healthy lifestyle’ magazines talk about exercise as vital and necessary is because exercise is a therapeutic process that cleanses yo body, relieve you from stress whilst keeping you in shape.
Hope the above amazing stress management in the workplace programs help you in managing your work and personal life. This will not just help you keep calm but also in progressing towards your life goals.