Acne Fulminans: The Skin Disease That Boys Need to Beware of!

Pimples and other types of skin inflammations are often categorized as female problems. Though women are more prone to blemishes and eruptions, men, especially adolescents may also develop pustules. These eruptions may turn out to be far more painful and complicated as compared the normal blemishes. Thus, it is essential for creating awareness regarding such complications.

Acne fulminans is a rare skin disorder that develops in males between the ages of 13 to 22. It is an acute skin ailment that is caused due to an ineffectual treatment of other forms of pustules. They occur as a reaction to a highly increased level of testosterone in the body. This causes a rise in sebum secretion of the skin and also the P acne bacteria, resulting in painful eruptions. The problem if not attended on time often results in the sufferer being admitted to the hospital.


It is highly recommended that you seek medical help the moment the symptoms of this disease begin to manifest. The main symptoms that reveal the onset of acne fulminans are:

  • Festered and abscessed protuberances erupt on the face, chest and back. These are very painful in nature.
  • These cause severe scarring.
  • There is a swelling in the lymph nodes which cause stiffness and pain in the neck.
  • There is a severe pain in the joints.
  • Fever that goes up and down.
  • There is a general feeling of decrepitude.
  • There is a loss of appetite; hence the sufferer tends to lose weight.
  • This disease causes changes in the bone structure of the sufferer and may cause bone inflammations.
  • The liver or spleen may get enlarged.

This disease if contracted and not treated immediately, may result in a prolonged treatment. There is no known treatment for it. However, doctors have over a period of time used certain medications which gradually ebb the effects of acne fulminans. Doctors use oral steroids, the dosage of which is progressively reduced over a period of six weeks. This is done to avoid the secondary response of a lengthened use of systemic steroids. Isotrentinoin , is also started orally, after four weeks. Its dosage is gradually increased so that the infection is completely weeded out.

During the time a person suffers from this disease, he may have to deal with the various side issues associated with it. Here are the two main side issues related to this disease.

Depression due to Acne Fulminans


Acne fulminans is indeed a very painful ordeal. It also causes massive scarring in the body. These factors combined can take a toll on the sufferer mentally. The trauma can sometimes be too much to bear. Besides, the medication used may also aggravate this situation. Isotretinoin is believed to aid the conditions of depression.

Arthritis due to Acne Fulminans


This disease is known to have an adverse effect on the bones. It causes damages to the bones and joints. There is an inflammation of the bones. The joint pains are so severe that it makes walking very difficult. Mostly the thighs, hips, knees and the ribs are affected. Thus, it can be said that it leads to reactive arthritis.

SAPHO Syndrome due to Acne Fulminans


However, there is another musculoskeletal disorder that is caused by this disease. SAPHO is a complex disease in which there is an inflammation of the bones due to skin ailments. Acne fulminans and acne conglobata are the two main skin diseases associated with it. Apart from the skin eruptions, there is an inflammation of the joint membranes and excessive bone growth in the body.

Hope the above points help you get adequate information on acne fulminans and beware of this skin disease.