A Sneak Peek Into Kodi, The Fantastic TV Streaming App


Television is the last word in home entertainment, and the advent of television streaming apps like Kodi has set new standards in television viewing.  Now, viewers have almost endless options to pick and choose TV shows, soaps, and movies and view it at times that suit them the most. Most importantly, the new way of watching television allows viewers to pay for the content that they want to watch. One of the main reasons why Americans or for that matter people across the globe hate their cable providers is that they pay too much for the packages packed with channels that they do not watch. Against this background, the offerings of Kodi that comes in all shapes and sizes are irresistible for fans of TV shows, movies, sports, and films.

A Sneak Peek Into Kodi, The Fantastic TV Streaming App

Kodi is free to use

Kodi is a software available free as it is open-source and was created with entertainment in mind. You can buy Kodi addons, Kodi TVs, Kodi boxes and Kodi apps depending on the way you want to get your dose of entertainment. Initially, it was created for Microsoft Xbox and was known as XBMC (Xbox Media Center), but it has gone much beyond it during its evolution.  If you are using free VPN for Netflix, you can also use it for Kodi to enjoy complete privacy in television viewing.

Turn your mobile phone to a set-top box

Kodi is amazing in that it can turn your computer, mobile phone or tablet into a streamer or set-top box and just in a click you have access to the choicest TV shows or movies that you are longing for. Users have many options as they can stream files from local storage, a home network or the internet. Kodi is different from other TV streamers because unlike Amazon Fire TV stick, Chromecast 2 and Apple TV you are not held back by a curated app store or licensing. You can watch whatever you like by downloading a range of community made add-ons and apps.

High device compatibility

 It is easy to download the software on a wide range of devices because it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and OS X as well as the Raspberry Pi microcomputer which means you can use it of any device you can think about. However, for iPhone users, the task of downloading Kodi is a bit complicated because they have to jailbreak their phones before downloading the software.

Nothing illegal about it

The question often arises if Kodi is legal and the answer is that it is not all illegal in its standard form and there is no way anyone can call it an illicit streaming device. Be sure that when you are using add ons, it does not contain any content that is not licensed officially as it would then be illegal to view such content.

In this respect, Kodi is not different from other streaming apps as users are responsible for fulfilling the legal requirements for viewing the app in their country.