6 Working Natural Home Remedies For Headache


Headache is one of the most common health trouble faced by the people. Due to hectic schedules and lifestyles, people are getting more and more stressed which in turn causes headaches.

There are various reasons why people end up having this problem, some of them are stated below so that proper care can be taken.

Common Reasons for Headache

#1 Dehydration


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The first and foremost reason behind headaches is dehydration. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is a must for the proper functioning of the body. Most of us tend to forget drinking water and fall a victim of various health issues including headaches

#2 Smoking and Drinking


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Excessive smoking and drinking also contribute to the excruciating pain in the head. Make sure that you limit the intake of alcohol and cigarettes. In any ways they are going to have an adverse effect on the body, why not stop having them or at least confine them to some special occasions

#3 Lack of Sleep


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Most of the times people think that sleeping less can cause headaches but one of the reasons behind headaches can be over sleeping. This problem is most of the time faced by people who have odd working hours

#4 Constriction of Blood Vessels


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Constriction of blood vessels can also cause headaches and that is why it is important to see a doctor as soon as the pain starts hindering with the day to day work

#5 Technology Misuse


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Technology is a boon for us but when the same technology starts posing danger on our health, it should be restricted for only important works. Not just adults but children should also be instructed to use the device in a limited manner to avoid headaches

The above stated reasons are really common and that is why they should be avoided to every extent. Also, unless and until it is really important, don’t use the medicines too frequently. Once you get addicted to them, your headache won’t subside till you eat them. A normal headache can have really adverse effects on your body and that is why it is important to know natural home remedies for headaches.

Natural Home Remedies for Headache

#1 Drinking Cold Water


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The most simple natural home remedy for headache, which is also the most effective is drinking cold water. This can reduce your pain up to 40%. So next time when your head aches, give the modest water a chance to heal you

#2 Ginger and Lemon Juice


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Ginger is also one of the most underrated ingredients when it comes to healing the body. Consuming equal amounts of ginger and lemon juice twice a day can help you with the pain. Applying the paste of dry ginger powder and water to the forehead is also a very effective way of getting rid of the headache

#3 Mint Juice


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Natural home remedy for headache also include the mint juice. When the headache does not subside by doing anything, extract mint juice from the mint leaves and apply on the forehead and temples to treat the pain. Along with mint juice, coriander juice is also considered very effective in healing headache

#4 Lavender Oil


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Lavender oil is a very effective method of treating headaches. A lavender room spray can also do the deal. Another thing you can do with lavender oil is putting two drops of it in two cups of boiling water and inhaling it. Another option is to put few drops of oil on a tissue and inhale them frequently and it will surely cure any sort of headache including the dreaded tension headache

#5 Ice Packs


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Ice packs do wonder to the pain. Natural home remedies for headache include this super easy trick. Take an ice pack and apply on the back of the neck or head for five minutes and it can even reduce the migraine pain. You can also use a pack of frozen vegetables as an alternative. It reduces the swelling and any kind of inflammation in the nerves of the head and that is why it is one the best remedies

#6 Magic of Holy Basil


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Well did your grandmother or any of your aunts told you about the magic of the holy basil? If not, this is the thing for you. Basil is a muscle relaxant and makes a helpful treatment in headaches. Put three to four leaves of basil in water and boil it till the basil leaves its color. Now, drink the water and see the magic happen. If, you can not wait till the water boils, just chew few leaves of basil and will have the same effect

The above mentioned natural home remedies can help you a great deal in fighting with the headaches of different types. Make sure you go for at least two of them when the pain creeps in before going for the medicines. Fight pain the natural way. All the best