6 Trusted Tips on How To Increase Metabolism


Most of the time we crib about our slow metabolism but doing the right things can get us the right body weight and the desired figure. We can always trick our body into burning calories, all you need to do is hit the gym and start some weight training. Many of us want to shed those extra pounds but walking and exercising our not our cup of tea, so how do we reduce weight? How to increase the metabolism? Here I share some of the ways in which all you guys out their can increase your metabolism.

6 Tips on How to Increase Metabolism

#1 Healthy Breakfast


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One of the best ways to increase metabolism is by eating breakfast. Eating breakfast kick starts the metabolism and keeps us active all day long. If nothing else, grab some yogurt or oatmeals in the morning.

#2 Eat When Hungry


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Another important thing that all of us should remember is, do not stay hungry. Our body needs 1200 calories per day in order have a good metabolism. If your calorie intake is less than what is required, the body starts breaking down precious, calorie burning muscle tissue for energy. Also, munch on something light between the meals swell, this will keep your metabolism humming.

#3 Drink Water


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During winter season, most of us tend to drink less water but according to the researches, we should drink six to eight glasses of cold water each day. Instead of buying a large bottle of cold drink, buy a bottle of water and that will keep your metabolism high. The increase may come from the work that it does to heat the water to body temperature.

#4 Proper Intake of Tea and Coffee


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Drinking tea and coffee can also revive your metabolism. It is said that a brewed cup of coffee can raise your metabolism by 12%. Most of the times we underestimate the qualities of caffeinated drinks but they provide a huge hype to the metabolism of our body. The antioxidants in the tea provide the required boost.

#5 Drinking Milk


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Drinking milk is necessary and that is why we all should drink milk at least once in a day. According to a research, calcium deficiency can lead to a slow metabolism. It is important to consume some dairy foods daily so as to absorb less of fat and kick start the metabolism of the body.

#6 Intake of Vitamin D


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Get more vitamin D to preserve metabolism-reviving muscle tissue. Some of the important sources of vitamin D are: tuna, tofu, shrimp, fortified milk and cereal.

The above mentioned things will not only help you in having an active metabolism but also a healthy lifestyle. We, in our busy schedules forget to take care of our body but we should remember we don’t have any other place to live except it and that is why it is important to take care of the body.

Running and exercising for at least 30 minutes daily can also do wonders for our body. We all should remember that our body will give the results according to the efforts we put in. A balanced diet should be in our mind because that will reflect in our later life.

Some of the common things that should be kept in mind are:

  1. An early breakfast that includes fruits and yogurt
  2. A before the lunch meal that includes antioxidants
  3. A salad along with lunch can also do wonders, so why not give it a try
  4. Organic food should be in our must-have food list. Organic food increases our metabolism many folds
  5. Having protein rich food in the evening is also important for the proper working of the body
  6. To all those who want to increase their metabolism quickly, small activities like stretching your legs, taking the stairs instead of life and restraining sugar content can do wonders

All the above mentioned information regarding how to increase metabolism are tried and tested things. You can obviously give them a try to believe them. Try to keep on doing small things during the day that can help you with the metabolism. Things like walking while talking on the phone, eating small portions of food, increasing the protein filled foods are great sources of increasing the metabolism.

For all those people who love to drink cocktails, it is not the right thing for your body. skip the second cocktail as it slows down the metabolism which increases the fat in the body. It is important that we take care of yourself by making these small changes. We can easily increase our metabolism only if we want to. Just make sure that you get up and exercise daily so as to remain fit. All the best