10 Early Signs of Autism in Toddlers


For any parent, it is very hard to believe that their little munchkin has autism but it is the duty of every parent to keep an eye on the activities of the child. Catching autism in the early stage of life can help the child lead a normal life with the help of medicines and treatments.

So, what is autism? In simple language, it disease that causes delay in the basic activities a child is supposed to do. Activities like playing, learning and talking become difficult things for a child. Signs of autism are stated below for a better understanding.

10 Early Signs of Autism in Toddlers


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#1 Communication

Communication becomes one of the most difficult thing for the child. Verbally or non-verbally, he is unable to explain what he wants

#2 Thinking

The process of thinking and behaving is something that he lacks. Facing problems in learning and understanding things becomes one of his major concerns and he cannot explain this to you

#3 Accepting

Accepting the world around and being with people is not something autistic children like to do. They have a problem with adjusting to their surroundings

#4 Eye Contact

Children with autism hardly make eye contact with people, they do not like people around them

#5 Responding

If your child is not responding to their name being called, after a certain age, maybe something is not right. They don’t imitate your movements and facial expressions

#6 Less or No Affection

The children who are at a higher risk of autism, do not initiate cuddling or respond to any sort of affection show to them. Even if they need help in doing the basic day-to-day things, they won’t ask for help

#7 Speech

The speech of the child with autism is not clear and won’t be able to talk even after being taught for various times. They would love to repeat the same word or phrase again and again because the things does not register in their minds like it does with normal children

#8 Less Interest

They never show interest in the activities that all the children love, e.g. playing with toys, watching television or even talking to their mothers

#9 Expression

They are not able to show the right expression of what they are feeling. Some times when they are happy, their face tend to show a sad expression

#10 Clumsiness

Clumsiness and inaccurate posture are also the signs of autism in toddlers. Sometimes we tend to ignore these things in our babies thinking that they can’t have a problem like this but that is where we make the situations worse

Every autistic child has different problems of varying degrees. It is important that you understand them and take care of them like wise. Now, I want to share the things that the parents should keep in mind in order to give their child a bright future.

Safety Tips for Children with Autism


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  1. All the parents should keep a close eye on the development of the child. Every child differs and so does their activities. Some start talking at an early age while others start walking but that does not mean that your child has autism. But if your child is not meeting the milestones for his/her age and if you are concerned about an underlying problem, talk to your doctor and share the concerns
  2. We all want are kids to act and grow up as normal individuals and that is why if you feel that their is some development problem with the child, see a doctor soon. Don’t apply the wait and see method because it is only going to harm the child and destroy the precious time in which he can be healed. According to research, if the child is treated at an early age, he can go around having a normal life
  3. Most of the times, it is our instincts that tell us that something is wrong. If that is the case, don’t shut the voice in your head and go for a meeting with the doctor. He is the best person to tell you what measures should be taken in order to give your child a healthy future
  4. For all the pregnant ladies out there: Do not eat a lot of anti-depressants during pregnancy no matter how you feel. Remember it is the hormones and not your life that is going wrong at that time. Taking too many anti-depressants during the time of pregnancy can cause autism in children
  5. Eating the proper food during pregnancy also plays a great role in the development of the baby. Eating too much of junk food and unhealthy food can eventually harm your baby, thus eat hygienic food with lots of nutrients even if you don’t like them. You want your child to be healthy, isn’t it?

All the above mentioned points on the early signs of autism in toddlers should be kept in mind by the parents. After all, we are responsible for the well being of the baby and keeping these small things in mind can make a huge difference.