10 Amazing And Creative Features That Make A Great Deck


A deck is an extension of your house that you can use as an area for recreational activity. It can be a beautiful space if well created and cater to you as a relaxing spot. You most likely want your home stands out with the architecture it offers. Therefore, when building a deck, there are some features you need to look out for that would make it extraordinary. You can do your research on what is required to make the features last longer. You wouldn’t want to build something then have it collapse after a short time.  You can also check out the companies that offer additions decks. The companies that mostly offer these services are building and construction companies. You can ask for the prices so that you are able to plan yourself efficiently. Make sure that you are making a worthwhile investment where you can reap the fruits. Before then, you need to know the features that would make an amazing deck:

10 Amazing And Creative Features That Make A Great Deck

  1. Multi-seasonal

The deck you choose should be able to cater to you for all seasons, whether it is cold and rainy or hot and dry. Most decks are outdoor features. Given the changes in seasons, you need to be able to use the deck throughout the year. You need to build your deck that accommodates all these conditions. This is so that you can get the best experience from your home. It is tricky to build a deck for all seasons but it can be done if you get the right person. If you have ideas, you could pitch them to the company doing the construction or alternatively you could ask the company to show you similar concepts. A few ideas to make your deck multi-seasonal is to add devices that cater to you. you could add a heater for winter and a fan for summer.

  1. Space

Before getting into the actual construction of the deck, it is good to consider the size of deck you want. This will help you know what designs you can work with. Of course, the size would heavily depend on the space you have to work with. It is hard to build a big deck where you have little space and vice versa. When choosing the design for a new house you are building, it is good to ask the architect to include a deck in the blueprints. If you inform him earlier, he is likely to have a better means of managing the space in question. If it’s an addition to an already constructed house, seek the opinion of a professional on what would fit in the available space.

  1. Shade

One of the perks of having a deck is the ability to sit outside despite the weather and have an enjoyable time. In order to do so effectively, you need to have roofing over the deck. This will provide shade for you at all times. You can enjoy the sun without getting burned and still watch the rain without getting wet. When getting your deck constructed, it is important to make sure it provides the right amount of shade you need. You should choose the appropriate roofing materials to provide the same. It should be of high quality that does not allow too much sun in and is impenetrable to the rain. Investing in shade improves your outdoor experience.

  1. Privacy

Despite it being an outdoor feature, it is still part of your home. One of the benefits of being in your own home is the ability to enjoy your privacy. Therefore, a deck by extension should still give you your privacy. This may be a hard feature to achieve seeing as it is outside. However, it is not impossible. There are a couple of things you can do to achieve a little personal space. You can invest in screen doors and windows. They allow light in and also allow you to see outside. Depending on whether you choose tinted ones or without, they help reduce visibility of your space. If you choose clear ones that allow enough light in, your space will still look and feel big enough. Furthermore, you can invest in a good fence that prevents your neighbors from seeing into your house.

  1. Protection

If you invest in a deck that that provides shade, it will most likely also provide protection. When choosing the materials to achieve this, make sure you choose weather resistant materials. Depending on where you leave, your winter could be extremely cold or just mild. This will help determine what kind of material to use. If you leave in the extremely cold areas, you will need materials that won’t get damaged by the snow. You need to be able to remove the snow easily from time to time to prevent build up. You also don’t want to invest in a structure that could be blown away by strong winds. If you live where the winters are not so bad, you can choose materials that are less expensive but are just are strong enough.

  1. Maintenance

Just like any other part of your home, the deck will need cleaning and upkeep. You need to design it in such a way that makes cleaning a breeze. Since it is outdoor, it is more prone to dirt than the rest of the house. You need to ensure that you clean at least once a week. When choosing finishes, make sure that the surfaces don’t absorb dirt. Should they need cleaning, all you need to do is just wipe and you are done. You can include maintenance in your budget at least twice a year. You can have someone come and replace the rusty beams and rotten wood, or you can do it yourself. You could also add another coat of paint.

  1. Furniture

If you are going to hang out at the deck, you need somewhere to sit. Therefore, furniture forms an integral part of your deck. Invest in outdoor furniture. This are built to withstand the outdoor weather and for that reason are much easier to clean than the indoor furniture. Choose furniture that can be well accommodated in the space available. Keep the number of family members and your guests in mind. Make sure that all the furniture put outside in under the protection of the shade and will be safe should any weather changes take place. Sometimes, the weather could change abruptly when you are not home. If the furniture is not well protected, it could get damaged.

  1. Décor

It is still a space that represents your style as it is part of your home. You need to choose the right décor. You can invest in bright colors to bring about that warm and friendly ambience. Bright colors also tend to be more outdoorsy than dull colors. Therefore, even in the winter, your space will still make you feel warm. Invest in pillows both for the furniture and just for decoration. The beauty of pillows is that they are portable. In the event of anything, you can carry them and store them in the safety of your home. They have little hustle. During summer, you could also decorate the space with fresh flowers. It will improve the appearance and even make the place more welcoming.

  1. Railing

This largely depends on whether you want to or not. It is advisable to have a railing if you have children or elderly people in the house. The railing secures them inside and prevents them from falling over. If they fall over, they could hurt themselves, and this would not be good. A railing not only secures people but also your space. It defines the boundaries of the space you are in. This ties the whole décor together. It also creates a notion of safety for those in the deck.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is very important. It could help create the feeling of warmth and joy or one of sadness and dullness. You need to build your deck in a way that allows an adequate amount of light in. one idea that could help is investing in a skylight. This will allow light in whatever the season. Whether is it is summer or winter, you will still be fine. You could also invest in electricity so that you have light at the deck even at night.

Home improvement and beautification is a process that depends on one’s unique style and preferences. Therefore, when building the deck, you could choose to incorporate the above features but make sure to retain your style. Since it will be a place mostly used by you, it would be foolish to not make it comfortable for you and your family. Originality is what would make it special. You would be able to look at it with pride and even enjoy the benefits it has to offer. If properly designed, it could be a place for you to relax and hang out. It could be the place where you find solace.